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Sleeping dogs

Jakki has been creating art ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon. By the time she was 13 yrs old, she had lived in as many places. Often finding herself in a foreign country, with a new language and culture to cope with, she quickly learned to use art as a tool of communication. 

With her love of adventure, travel and curiosity about life, it wasn´t any surprise for her to be drawn into the world of anthropology. After obtaining her degree from the University of London, she spent years exploring the world collecting stories and experiences, with her sketchbook in tow. She finds inspiration in nature, sacred places, ordinary places, using her humor and art to bring attention to those who don´t have the power to speak like animals and people in challenging situations.

Jakki has been fortunate enough to have partaken in several international solo and group art exhibitions, and does so every now and again. She is particularly interested in combining words with images.

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